Saturday, 9 January 2021

The Warrens of Mystery, Zone B

Continuing with the Warrens of Mystery, with over 200 rooms their is a lot to cover...

Zone A creates a natural bottleneck resulting in two choices - the door to the south and the open passageway to the west. In both my playthroughs players have opted to go west as their first choice (the open passage invites another step where a door is a choice), leaving the south door unopened.

This next zone, Zone B, I refer to as The Junction. At its centre is a crossroad on what my players have referred to as the top corridor. This natural passage on the top of the map allows players to quickly traverse multiple map zones to reach deeper into the warrens.

The theme here is Visitors. A small Visitor group have occupied most of the rooms in this area and seek to hack into the Vault in this region. They have a guard post setup right in the middle of the junction that allows them to control traffic through the top of the map. They can be reasoned with but tend to be hostile to Humans and Endjinns (their hated enemies that caused the worldship to crash).

My first group to play through this area went with open assault, attacking the group at location 1, then the reinforcements from 2 then 6 in a glorious rolling battle. They then advanced through to 4 and eliminated the leader. The second group set an ambush, quickly cleared the main group, and went north before reinforcements could arrive. Both groups had recovered the vault key from Zone A which opens the Vault on this map. I describe the vault entries as a 10ft square raised platform with a pedestal in the middle. Placing the key within opens a hole in the roof and activates this flying platform (as an elevator) that rises rapidly upwards and takes them to the Vault. Zone A and B effectively teach the players about the vaults and gives them an understanding of how finding and opening them works.

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